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a place to delve, indulge, gather, post all things intriguingly beautiful, not necessarily appealing in the basic sense, but definitely interesting. at least those items i consider worth remembering. ahhh...the never-ending randomness that is the world wide. luv!


Photographer: Michael Baumgarten


Photographer: Michael Baumgarten

a Duchess weekend

a Duchess weekend

for memories sake.  nothing more.

for memories sake. nothing more. ↘




Hannah speaking the truth 

Double 10-4 on that one.  That moment where “I”m afraid to be honest with you about how I feel because you’ll dump me” is a genuine thing you’ve thought or said, it’s time to load up on tissue boxes, stock the icecream in the freezer, place up your big person pants, and organise coffee in a neutral zone that you won’t want to go back to anytime soon, and have the conversation.

If the relationship ends, then it was a good thing to have spoken honestly. You needed the hell out of there.


Albert Camus, Notebooks
Submitted by litafficionado.


Albert Camus, Notebooks

Submitted by litafficionado.

Defense Against The Dark Arts ↘


We all know what it’s like to be spellbound.

We started with the young boy with the scar on his forehead, who lived in a cupboard under the stairs. The boy who sensed and maybe even hoped that there was a world where he could be loved and respected. A world with friends and mystery and…



Many of you already know about some of the recent events concerning various YouTube performers and allegations of sexual misconduct. When I read about this (and it seems to come and come right now), I thought, “I have nothing to add to this.” So I just watched. And was sad. And also heartened by…

I started a Tumblr because of Alex Carpenter… ↘


You don’t know me.

But I can’t be silent any longer.

Within the last few days, my fandom has exploded with brave women sharing their stories. I feel stronger, because they’ve been through the same things, and it’s shown me that I’m not alone. So I need to share my story too, because this is…

ready for spring!

ready for spring! ↘ ↘


Ayurvedic Lessons

Ayurvedic Lessons ↘

amongst the big hairs, textured designs on the models as well as on the set….a fairytale unfolds